Saturday, June 12, 2010

One week full of rest.

When all people rambling about their 1st week of internship, I was all day hibernated the whole week at home. makan tido makan tido hehe such a heaven to stay at home while other people working their ass off to catch lrt to go to work. thanks pwc for starting 14th june, i love you lah. Nevertheless, seronoks seronoks to read about their experience on the 1st week of internship at techies google group where all my coursemates share about their story. mcm mcm cter laaaa, well sorry guys for not joinin the chat because I have nothing to tell. When i start my work on Monday, insyallah i will be updating then.

So, this is I what I did a week before my internship starts. Hanging out with my fam, friends, cut my hair short( I guess it's a pretty short for me!), went to facial, tgk movie lagenda budak setan(indeed, it is one good romantic malay movie. menusuk jiwa kalbu la),survey where my office will be at (difficulties of finding parking will occured so lrt is the answer) but but I am so noob in lrt xpe ella blaja blaja!

my last day at utp with roomies and the closest friends
at pizza hut batu gajah
rindu roomate!

ice-cream brownies as a symbol of farewell.
ececece ngeh ngeh.

dinner at delicious with the girlfriends.
to be truth here rasa x puas lepak ngan korg cuti nie x dunno why.

 congrats abah. =)
celebration dinner at Victoria Station.
and abg eddy just came back from Jakarta and can't wait Kak Nad's july baby!

the fun day with Erina
and I miss her already =(
I've made it myself the ear bunny
headband for her.

most of all.....................

dpt pegi sumer mall yg wujud yg kl, makan non stop, gossip, sesi dating ngan hairstylist George Khoo,  
 jd cam org x betul, make a fun of other people at home and tidoooooooooo sepanjang hari.
and yes all this....
with her, my sister.

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Adeera Azman said...

Cool ellaaaa ! Esp erina's handmade bunny hairband ! Hehehehe. Enjoy yr first day ! Best sgt okay ! just have fun n smileeeeeeeee :)