Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3rd day.

I want to make this post brief and short, so I wont wasting your time reading my not-so-happening life. =P

Today is my 3rd day of internship. I have a training session course from Tuesday to Friday at Sheraton Imperial KL. I think is nearer to go there compared to PwC office and it it less jam. On my 2nd day, ada org antar and amik yahooooo heaven gler siap bole tertido jap on the way nak pegi tu. haha. But today, I drove. =P

Well there are so much to learn and it is only my 2nd day of training!  Linux, Windows, ITGC, it is all required to do the internal auditing. Insyallah, I will catch up since I'm quite a slow learner.

I miss going to PwC office and having lunch with other vacation trainee from different department. Well, I've only been there once on my first day. Now, I will be in Sheraton untill Friday. Plus, I've been told by the senior to do the auditing for a company in Bangsar from 21st June to 17th July, Almost a month ngeeee.

jom panjat menara kl.

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed ur intern?hows ur mate,ok o not?