Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miracle happens everyday. noted.

Hey psst psst now Im practically in the office while blogging this. Today, finally Im at the office. I just went back from my client place in Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil. I have my engagement over there for 2 weeks. The place over there was depressed! Haha no la kiddin je. It was just plain okie. I tried my best not to complaint everything about my work because I have to appreciate whatever I gained here kan? Then, I also had my 2 days training at Sheraton Imperial with the other colleagues in my department.

Now, Im free at the office. I gained back my freedom, uncaged from the work locks.

I just had a chit-chat session during my lunch break with our colleagues, Qurra And Jess. That’s one thing about me for sure most of my closest friends would know. I tend to get blushing very quickly whenever people talk about the guy I liked. Seriouslyyy! Not that I’m shy or cover cun, but im just out of words to counter back heheee. My face would get red; I would stop talking and all way long tersengih sengih mcm nak kene sepak je. Haha! I think I have to get rid of it, bad habit! =P I guess Im not good in hiding emotion kan? People would always noticed that espcially when the guy is too cute, dang!

Today, Im a bit motivated! Im thankful for everything now, not to be complaint.
God always have reason for all things popped out in ur life.
Being able to sitting here looking at the laptop and breathing, is miracle. =D

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