Monday, August 2, 2010

Panjat Broga sampai pancit.

Yeah, I managed to go untill the fourth peak of Broga Hill........ sampai seluar ter-koyak!
HAHAHAHAHAH sumpah I did not realized untill Emma told me when we were having bfast at mamak's. Shitt it must happened when I few times accidentally fell to the ground and zrappppppppppppppppppppp....opssy a hole in my pants. embarassing kannnn?
well what the heck Im not goin to see most of the people over there again, NEVER!
jgn tag facebook hahaha. =P

And yes Im half-dead halfway to the uphill of Broga. Pancit kotttttttttttt. Yela imagined the last time I exercised was 3 years back ago. (zaman rajin maen squash tiap hari kt utp). Now, my time is all dedicated to food! So, a girl who have no exersice at all which is super not-fit is going to 400 meter hill? Yes, pancit jawapan nyer.
However, whatever it is la kann with a strong will and determination (eceh poyo), I managed to get thru till the peak.  A bit frustrated because did not managed to arirve there before sunrise because a bit sesat on the road haha. Still, it was breathtaking! =D

kaco dowh org blakang tu tolak kang.

hehehehe (evil laugh)

so long broga!

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