Sunday, August 29, 2010

Perut bunyi bunyi dah.

This is a long post. I'm bored so i write a lot so please dont bother to read this. hehe.

I lost count today is how many days already we’d been fasting. I’m not sure my lost weight is an issue right now but I bet yes I lost few kgs for the past 2 weeks. I didn’t wake up for sahur especially on weekday. This year ramadhan is different from the previous years as this is my first time working in the fasting month. It was bit tiring la because we have to wake up super-early, to face the traffic jam, sit in the office whole day long whereby most of my seniors went to lunch and the best part we went back early at 5pm. However to be compared with utp interns from other companies, they went back at 4pm. Bapak awal glerrrrrrr. Still can manage to drop by at Bazaar Ramadan if only if I went back at 4pm, which never happened.

My first week of Ramadan was a bit challenging because I have job in client place in Bukit Jalil. There were 2-3 days where I have to go to office first then to bukit jalil or bukit jalil they went back again to office. The journey to the parking lot F is friggin tiring because they did not provide shuttle van at 12pm something. Parking at tpm was also far-walking distance. On the first week of Ramadan, I went back from work around 6pm and arrived at home at 7pm. Prolly it was the first week fasting that’s the reason I felt so tired but after few days later I pretty much get used to it. Now, I was already at the office for 2 weeks….doing nothing. I don’t know la how I suppose to feel. Sometimes I feel boring because I pretty much did nothing just sitting and looking at the laptop doing LLB (look like busy) and sometimes I feel lucky not to have work in client place during Ramadan. Well, we are the interns what do u expects us to do? We get less that half than the staff salary, so Im not going to sacrifice my energy and time. I pity some of the Malays seniors had to sacrifice their tarawikh because workloads and still stuck in the client place. Some of them even bukak puasa eating biscuit for few days. Thank god we have a policy here in PwC for not letting interns go back late than 5.30pm.

Most of my family relatives did not really know what PwC is. PwC? They never heard of it, PWTC pernah laaa. Heheee well I don’t blame them because they are not from financial background. However if u do from financial background and still didn’t know what PwC is then go back to your foundation year. Even I didn’t know what PwC is in my younger days. Then, when most of my friends and of course my own sister are all keen to work in the Big 4 audit firm, starting from there I know what the Big 4 is. I never thought they will be taking Information Sytem (IS) student to work in an audit firm, but they do have several departments for IT auditor. In fact, they do take mechanical engineering student too for advisory department.

Haaaa I just bought new flat shoes, omg im so in love with my new flats. Although my brother said ur flats worth his one month salary as an engineer, still it is worth big splurge. I use my internship plus scholarship money. Kira titik peluh diri sendiri tau heheheeee. Lately, family had been discussed about my sister scholarship thingy almosy everyday. Sometimes annoyed me a liitle. Sorry emma I bet u r reading this, marah je laaa hari2 pown gado kan? Hehee. However, Im still hoping the best for you my braniac sis. Without you, sapa la aku hahaaa jiwang karat beb.Well I can’t imagined if u r leaving to London? Boring laaaa. If u r staying is a good news but if u r leaving still is a good news so I can go there visiting you.

Owh yeah I think I haven’t met my friend for few weeks already, I feel I have been isolated in the world of no-one. Should start planning from now onwards to bukak pose with them. Should meeup with my long-time fren, Beena.Tomorrow is public holiday, National Day. I plan to go out to mall to find sandal for my baju kurung raya. Wednesday, I have bukak puasa with PwC at J.W.W MAriot, I was a bit surprised even the interns get invited. On Thursday, bukak puasa with my pretty UTP girls. Friday, bukak puasa at Tropicana golf course. Next week shud bukak puse at IKEA with my 2 baboons. Well being as single u got to plan to bukak puasa with everyone hehe.

Perhaps now I should start looking because lately I got frequent questions such as “Are you attach?”. I thought my friend is asking about are you attached with any client job now. See, I was so dumb and blur. However to find a good quality guy is such finding a needle in a messy room. It’s okie to be single but it’s not okie to be single and desperate yikes. There few guys that I like but to go the stages where we need to go dating, the sms-phonecall call procedures is a bit tiring la, Can we just skip all that and starts a relationship? Haha it is not as easy like dat. I just watched he’s just not into you yesterday, for third time already. Indeed, I like that movie somehow it reflects what I see in life. Well, im 21 should not worried that much. 25, yes can start worry! Hahaa.


Anonymous said...

is it j.w marriot or j.w.w marriot? or izit j.w.w birch? haha. happy merdeka day!

btw, PARAMORE will be live in KL on 19 oct. u go?

Anonymous said...

it's jw marriott. double r, double t