Friday, August 6, 2010

Cuci cuci.

I realized I was never born to be a theatre person. To be acting on stage is a way further what I imagined but even a theatre audience I was not even qualified as a candidate. haha!

I slept on theatre twice already! The first time I watched theatre was a a year ago in London, the Billy Eliot show. The show was jaw-dropping and astonishing! Perfecttttttto.................. only for 5 minutes by my judging la because the next 3 hours later I was fully slept hahahahahahaha. Tido kaw kaw lak tuuuu siap bole wat winter trenchcoat jadi bantal pelok hehe. Then, the when I opened my eyes tadaaaaaa I saw people clapping already for the ending. dang shitttt I miss the whole thing!

Yesterday, it was only my 2nd time I watched theatre, the cuci cuci musical 2. The show was okie laaaaaaaa, hillarious. Nabil, Awie, Hans, Aflin 2 thumbs guys for non-stop laughing and u guys sang pretty good too.
And I almost slept too yesterday, almost laaaaa. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.
Ye laaa it was bit draggy and it starts at 8.30 and finished at 12.30 and I have to go to work the next morning. There was a few unnecessary scenes that made me yawn few times. Cut if off la!

I know what next time to keep me awake watching theatre is to bring kuaci, betol tak jijah? =P

Seat terbaikkk.

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