Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fast foward time to hari raya plz?

Im bored at office, dang this is not what I signed for. To be paid rm800 a month and just sitting on the chair is not what I expected to be. However better cherished the moment while you can. Later if you been posting to client place and went back late, then I will start nagging non-stop. So, now bersyukur. Teehe. Raya is coming, cant wait for it. My brother said I will not getting my duit raya because Im already working. Eh a BIG helloo internship is not working okie? We are bunch of cheap labors.

Raya will not be the same as previous years. First, there is no more playing with bunga api. I pity some of the small cousins of mine; they don’t actually get to feel the joy of the real Hari Raya. I still remember my cousins and I spend half than our duit raya to buy bunga api. We even started comparing how much we bought bunga api. Second, my late brother Abg Rafiz is not going to be around for this raya and the upcoming ones. He always the one who cheered things up with the jokes and warmth smile. I still remember his favorite quotes whenever we back to kampong “segar tak sg rokam?”. Some of the years abh and mummy were not around on the raya morning till evening because they went to Istana Perak. SO, he was the one who took care of us. Bring us to all family relative’s house, replacing our parents task. He was the one who always fussy about food especially tok and opah’s cooking.”wuishh sedapnyr bau masak apa tuu?” When Abg Rafiz is no more in our reality, we still missing our other half. Erina. I still hoping that one day Erina can stay with us for hari raya to actually bring the memories of Abg Rafiz’s presence.
However it is hari raya. It should be the day to remember those people who have gone but also to enjoy the moments with the people who are still around.

So raya Im coming back to Ipoh. Cousins we gonna have a chitchat like we used to? Or we supposed to? Hehe. Gonna wear baju kurng cantik2, makan lemang banyak, visitin and going to all invited open house(well this a bit challenging haha!), wishin hari raya to all frens, collect duit raya, snap pictas and again to wear my cantekksss baju kurunggggg! Thanks mummy for buying all of my baju kurung.( I never actually choose on my own, my mom has pretty good taste of choosing kain)

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Anonymous said...

your kampung in sg.rokam? mine also. how come i never see you?