Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tgk la saya, pandang la saya.

Heylo attention seeker(orang di atas),

I hate you. Get a real life. Menyampah tengok.

From, the menyibuk girl.

Eleh budget pic kat atas tu bole capture people attention la? pakai spec konon, mesti budak ni in real life poyo poyo je.
Attention seeker ke saya? Sungguh tak. I am the last person on earth to be think of as the attention seeker. Sungguh benci if kene lalu depan cafe or tgh tgh cafe, rasa cam nak cabut lari je. Stand on stage? dun ever mentioned it, bole nervous breakdown.
Im the invisible girl who used to be at the same class with you and you will asked "eh sama kelas ke dulu? x penah tgk pun".
I dont like to seek for attention (minus the brown almost to blonde coloured hair. it is not for an attention, the colour matches my tanned skin tone.)
One thing for sure, i hate attention seeker, bole pegi blah. except if you are naturally pretty then it is a different case

So, the up above statement is definetly true! (jaga jaga if anda attention seekr, saya jumpe tepi jalan saya pukol)