Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love you like no other my baby.

Saya rindu kereta saya, I fell like crying out loud.
I did not meant to hurt you baby, but it was pretty shocking accident
Well, my friends and I nearly lost our lives there.
Now, left you patah and kemek bumper depan.
Sorry to say but my baby sexy car look sngt huduh now.

I miss n thinkin of you whenever I was walking back from Lecture Hall 1 di bawah tengahari buta yg terik panas dan berkilo meter jauh (gler propanganda).

Watch me losing weight in these few weeks, i am actually walking to everywhere around utp now.
I want my car back, hopefully you are been fixed an repaired well.

*get well soon kuda merah 8383*
well everyone went through accident at least once in their life, so do I. So, i ready to open up no need to hide. Accident happened for a reason. Jangan bw lebih 150, lesson learnt.

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