Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Puas hati.

Yeah I managed to get through 3 tests straight in 3 days time.
Data and Communication Networking, Principles of Marketing and Small Business Entpreneurship. Phewww, now im exhausted and I need a longgggggg extra long time of sleep.
Still, I have a lab test tomorrow's morning for my Business System Development.
And I have to prepare for my System Analysis Design test and Business Statictics.
Why I am rajin enough to type this long full name of subjects?
I am going to be Nerd all the way till 24th. Remind myself, accomplishment is priority now!

Eli had just tagged this pic in facebook, this was when we were still in foundation 1st sem!
kami lah group hik hok yg cool yg akan wat collobration ngan kanya west. weyhh i miss this!

oh yeah i have just online chat with my cousin just now. "bf ella study country mana pulak?" hehe i guess it is a trend to have a bf studying overseas kot. hehe sorry cousin, ella here is single and happy. =)

Well, Im hungry and out for pasar malam.
oh yeah tomorrow get train to catch.
I miss my kuda merah car already.
Till then people, I love you!


falai said...

its not a trend la to have a bf studying overseas.
ini suma bicara hati, awak tu budak kecik, mana nak paham hal ehwal org dewasa.hahaha.
gurau je =P
cant wait to see u n ur sis!
btw, gudluck for ur exams. =)

ella elma said...

falai, alaa alaa yg pasal bf overseas ala bkn pasal korg la.
some otha frens pun sumer dah study abroad.
korang kan dah lama togetha, of course la bkn psl trend.
ala alaaaa jgn la kecik hati, nanti xde geng kt london!

but but but asal suka carik gado ek skang? siap ar kat sanaa!

adik manisss said...

lorrr.kat sini pun nak gaduh ke?chill la bobo!haha.
aku jugak cool!

ella elma said...

weyh x gado laaaaa, discussion kot.
aku cool jeeee, oppsy! =P