Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you till you love me.

Was I supposed to read and study for my tomorrow test? haaaa mampos malas gler #@$%^&*!!!.
Can't get rid of of this lazy ass haha. When I am not in da mood of study, well there is nothing on earth can forced me when im in the Malas zone. Not a single thing.
I am online-ing up to 2 hours already till now, and Im still stuck on my headphone listening to the veronicas old album, face stuck infront of the laptop, and eating chipsmore.
Puh-leaseeee give me back da study-mooddddddd, I need it so bad!

Ive been on to everyone's blog already i guess, every pictures on the facebook and every gossip i have read. Oh now I realized i am actually a pretty good stalker you know, if u need my help from the expert just call me at 012-tekan tekan x dapat. goshhh i should get a lifee, loser with a capital L. hahaha.

Buku dah lama kata atas meja, i am scared to open it coz i know there are going to be hundres of pages to be read, ya ampunnnnn malas nyer ko nie ella, apa nak jadii ingat la weyhhhh.
I need a motivation!!
Now I start to nagging at my own blog, if you are reading this I still cant figure it out why you guys are so kind to read all my nonsense crap talk even I start getting annoyed when listening to myself.

Oh yeah esok ade general election for the MPP UTP president. Sapa la saya nak vote? Undi itu rahsia, but I have already one in my mind. And the person is my friend too! I dun mind everyone to be the president, whoever running for it, let it be sapa sapa pun janji ko x kaco hidup aku sudeyhh. When the MPP starts to ruin my care-free life here at utp and starts doing stupid stuffs like banning such things, then I pissed off and starts to run a campaign "I hate MPP UTP". So good luck everyone candidates! majulah sukan untuk negara, haha ngengggg dah datang dah. abislah roomate kene melayan perempuan gila malam nie. =p

one last thing.

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