Saturday, October 10, 2009

daily life of me.

Lately it was hectic days I’ve been through. Well I guess this semester I never had a one full day of rest without classes and assignments to think of. Like the previous semester, I always have plenty of times to watch movies at my laptop, now all the movies are dusty already. I need more time for this semester, anyone here is selling time for 24hours at rm10? Haha as if.
Next week on wednesday i'll be having my business statistic test 2 and then we will be having techies raya diner afterward. The next day tomorrow i'll be organizing CIS raya gathering and appreciation nite organized by Syntech since im the comitte of FNB. kene amik satay boiter la pulak. On friday, deepavali and home is the word! haha goin back to kl. Want a ride in my kuda merah? text me aite .
Tomorrow, I will be visiting my tok wan at sg rokam Ipoh. He’s not well due to the very weak heart. Last week, he admitted to hospital because of hydrated. Tok Wan, u have to drink lot of water laaa cannot just depends on the medication.
The rest of my family just went out to putrajaya attending my dad ‘s friend open house, I’m the only one ‘s not going there even though had been forced by mummy and even get scolded. Still, I refused so because I want to get done my assignments done which I think is already due. It should be done last week already, still on the process. Haiyaaa asyik tido n tgk tv je. Plus my friends had just invited me over for a dinner with them; I refuse to do so also. My mood get fluctuates and I have no mood meeting up with people. If you are near to me, yes i would bite.

After this post, i want to have my dinner. And then textin my friend a good luck wish for performin at the promnight. Then, facebook-ing and chitchat on the phone..
Well after I’ve done with my assignments. Gotta book the ticket flight! =))

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