Friday, October 9, 2009

Hydepark Garden.

*the view from the apartment, taken at 2005*
the plan is to jog in hydepark. The backpacking roadtrip, only the two of us.
can't wait, get it done ur final with flying colours on 25th.
then bye bye final exam hello vacation!


kyrie said...

pretty much look like "olive grove:orange sky, 1889,van gogh", or its just me. btw, what a mesmerizing view!

falai said...

tak nak hello falai gak ke?heheh

ella elma said...

falai sape? haha kiddin.
apa hello hello, assalamualaikum falai. =)

ella elma said...

kyriee, x paham what u said.
but i will agreed without hesitation!

Lady G said...

where r u gonna stay in london? somewhere near hyde park?