Friday, December 10, 2010

I'll stay by your side.

People will wonder why I’m still not attached with anyone now? Hmm that’s pretty much a big question to myself too. People would said jual mahal la, choosy la, perasan bagus ke. I think i’m not even close to that well that’s what I think la I dunno what  else people will think about me. If I want to be in relationship, I like to be with someone who I trusts and we will be able to make each other smile without trying-so-hard, you know all those fake things the couple did which gonna lasts only for 4-5 months and fade away, Im not gonna fall for that. Let it be the chemistry naturally goes by its way. I’m not a person who just likes the idea of having boyfriend. Because you still can survive and live your life. I know some people complaint how miserable your life is. However, if you have your family to spend time with and your friends to do your crazy thing together, it would be simply awesome.

Well i know it sucks sometime, Im not gonna lie. But do u want to get ur heartbroken toward the end just the fact you cant stop chasing the idea of having boyfriend? Let the love find you, not you find for love. Unless you want something like one night stand, then go ahead, But if u want someone to stay longer with and even perhaps to grow older with(see how optimistic I am) like me, what can we do? Patiently wait and pray to Him.

Some people just born lucky to have the loyal companion without ever trying. However, I need no worries, I don’t have to be anxious. Well I admit it crossed my mind few times but I let myself to accept it and be calm.
Because I know Him has plan something better for each of us.
Only our love to Him gonna lasts forever and eternity.
There is no such thing as you're everything to me, except for Him. Only him.

So jom sumer nyanyi lagu "all the single ladies all the single ladies put ur hands up! Ooh ohh ohh ohhh" *Doing the Beyonce's sexy moves"*
=D =D =D


Adeera Azman said...

Youre a good person Ella, someone worth the wait will come along. I believe in that too, turn your love to Him, he endow you everything :)

Love the part "without trying hard" coz love just dont come that way kekekeke :D

ella elma said...

Thanks adeera.I love the part without even trying hard too. Coz Ive seen it to other people and I even almost fall for that too.
All I know if he really like us, just a simple talk already make us fly like a G6!
hehehehehehehehe jk jk.

Love you friend!

Adeera Azman said...

Been there, done that :) And going through something very diff. Yeah make us fly like a G6 ! Dang, I grew up mature by it Ella.

And and and Love you too mate ! :D

ps : cari baju cantiks macam ella yang haritu tu tapi takdakkk hehhh :p

abhay kanwar said...
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abhay kanwar said...

I really liked your out of the box thinking. Well done!!

David McCartney said...

I agree with Adeera.

Keep up the good work!

Erick said...

I like the way you think. Very creative. great blog btw...