Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quarantine, be fear of this word.

First thing first to say to all my peeps here, a big serious warning i should said and a pre-caution.
Please do wear a mask if you are going out to a crowded place where there r many people who having many type of diseases dat we might not know, u will get easily affected.

If you not follow what i just warned u about, then pretty much you will end up like me-

Qurantine up to 7 days. yes, it sucks.

Firstly, i was just having a sore throat and bad flu, so arghhhh by not going to da clinic would still keeps me alive. A day after, when i woke from my tido siang around 2pm, goshhhh my head felt like cracked up! i was so weak so i skipped my sbe lecture so dat i can go to the clinic by myself. Then, i told eli at gtalk to sign up for me. Luckily, she was kind enough to accompany me to the clinic after class. So, there goes eli, the jangan lupa lirik contestant yg baik hati, untung jepp =)

Sara, Mae n and Eli went to da clinic together, as usual they were always four of us everywhere around utp. Geng bas sekolahh, teehe.
I overheard da nurse said to one of the patient
"eh awak kene kuarantine nie, demam." i was panic and cuak already, because getting quarantine was the last thing on my mind. gosh, it was like in a prison with no bar-jail. however, i though my fever was not dat high and it was just a normal flu i always had before this.

jeng jeng jeng
my temperature reached to 38.7 celcius. almost to 39 celcius kot. even da nurse said " eh nie tinggi betol nie". Okie i remained cool as he did not mentioned a "quarantine" word yet, the deadliest word lately at utp.
Unfortunately, my luck was not on my side. Doc said u have to be quarantined up to 7 days at v2C. I cannot went back to my room to pick up my stuff, so my beloved frens bertungkus lumus get it done!

Pakcik guard picked me up at da clinic to v2C, merasa naek van utp. kepada eli n sara, jgn jeles ella n mae dah penah naek van utp! hahaha bole tak kan naek van utp pun nak bangga kan?

ehem ehem here i want to say something, okie loud speaker puh-lease n increase up the volume to da max.

I want to say Thank God for having friends like them, iylia, sara, eli, and mae. U guys managed to cheer me up on dat day, after a long tiring day because management clinic and pakguard utp lembap glerr.
Cayalah korg siap lepak lepak lagi kt bilik quarantine, thank you i love every single of you, muah muah kiss kiss hug hug! thanks to jufri too for concerned enuff about me and my car too, siap tolong angkatkan viper. hehee thanks thanks. To others, thanks for the wishes, i will get well soon insyallah

Owh yeah in the end i got da permission to be quarantined at home, yeahhhh!
The most suprising part was this wast the first time ella berat hati sangaatttttttt nak tinggal utp.
The reasons are

  • dah plan 3 things to do with my friends.
  • tons n tons of assignment and online quiz, byk kejee.
  • the train trip to kl with him had to be canceled. we already got the tix.

nehhh im okie with it, important is to get well very soonnn so dat i can go to my brother's convocation this saturday at uniten bangi. hopefully, if my fever was cooling down.

So, guess what?
Now, ive been stuck at the room downstairs at home, isolated from the family.
Ive been pampered by my mum who now is the most-garang nurse so far i know, haha! however, thanks mummy for taking care of me, kasih sayang seorang ibu memang boleh membuatkan seseorang itu menitiskan air mata. cehhh jiwang melayu abis tak? but it's true, dat's what i feel.

so this are what i planned to do at the quarantine room,

  1. siapkan assignment study sket sket.
  2. kacau org kt gtalk, ym and skype ngan org yg tersyg!
  3. stalk fb and read others people blog.
  4. blogging -what i'm doing now.
  5. youtube-ing.
  6. find a new piece of piano music sheet.
  7. sms and call org org---> kacau org lagi.
  8. haf a chat with my mum.
  9. watch movies at my laptop, yg x penah tgk lngsg.
  10. daydreaming, pikir masa depan--> nak kawen dgn sape, wedding plan mcmna etc(haha!)

see i already got ten things to doo, now im so packed up with stuff and will be busy layan-ing myself.

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fieza. said...

wey piglet! 'stalk fb and read others people blog.'... yeeeerr laaaaa.. kt blog ak xnk mengejaaaaa.... seb bek abg edi ko ade!!! so, ak xtaching. ngahahha.