Thursday, August 20, 2009

hey grad, enjoy the sweet taste of sucess.

Do you know some one who is just crossed the graduation level and transited into the main stream of life --> the professional education or professional world?
I know RAZMAN ELMI ZULKEFLI, my brother, has successfully crossed the bar!
Yes, Aman-abg aku yg kuat maen game dan suka tido siang became a graduate successfully and planning to enter into the job world.

So, now you are official to be called as mechanical engineer. Haihhhh another engineer in the family, well the 3rd one as an engineer. Studies is done, so apa lagi cepat cepat find a girlfriend!

"Live in the place you want to live, marry the person you truly love and work in the job that will make you genuinely happy,"

at uniten, bangi.

today is friday, i just finished my last class for this long tiring week.
Guess what? Im not goin back to kl this week, taraaaaaaa! unbelievable? u better believe it cz it's a damn true, hehe. although most of my frens are goin back since this is the first week of fasting month, everyone is eager to buka puasa and sahur with the family. me too me too, i want tooo but but i think is better for me to stay at utp for dis week, my first time spending weekend at utp for this semester.
so biarla rakan-rakan laen balik, tak termakan hasutan eli utk balik ye, hebat la ella!

Chat ngan my emma for almost everyday at skype. Topic of da week, bf-material, haha!
For us, finding a perfect guy would be never ending story, konon sesi luahan hati la-->moment to share! hehe cz it is difficult for us to open up, setakat making stupid jokes and be the laughing stock are definitely totally us, but sharing stories? jarang laa.

awwwww bestnyer emma's "guyfriend" or ex-boyfie, haha ayat selamat for both side, is askin her to go for a backpacking trip to london since he is studyin there for a year. So, he is willing to pay for the trip to london, omg omg omg bestnyerrr! Alaa i nak jugak "guyfriend" kt london, hahaaa. 'Bagak' tolak tepi okieeeeeeee, opsss i hope he's not readin this! kantoi laaaa, ahhh dun care.

However, the good thing is if emma is going there, jeng jeng jeng she's definetly need a companion for the backpacking trip? Emma, she definetly have no choice other than her bff as well as roommate, kak farah orrrrrrrrrrrr the superb-awesome sensational lovely sister, ella la kannn?
She said she want us both to tag alonggg, oh nak nak nak without hesitation!

I can imgained how awesome the trip is going to be, just the three of us with no parents strict guidance, us wearin winter trenchcoat and mingle around with new people there and definetly tasting the superb weather there, oh i miss hyde parkgarden and oxford street, the tube and the blonde hot guys theree (as if they r looking at us, melayu-girl duhhhhh). To falai, emma is so excited about this, trust me she talked about this every-night at skypeee!

Mummy doesn't know about this yet, so next week we both are going back to home. Sorg dr tronoh and sorg dr muadzam akan membentangkan plan proposal kepada abah dan mummy. About the budget? chill la bobo, dun worry we both are going to use our scholarship money but the restt(Clothes and food) ditanggung beres oleh abah okie? So, emma be prepared for presentation next week, nak wat powerpoint slide tak? no need cz mummy n abah buta it. ehehe

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eli.Suhaili said...

Haha! kenapa Erina bawak bantal busuk dia sekali? comellah budak tuh ;D

Ella mmg kuat iman eh time puasa ni, tk termakan hasutan org. Heehee