Wednesday, August 12, 2009

abg eddy and aman.

i feel so dizzy n my head is spinning around. im a sleepyhead now due to the medicine i took half an hour ago. ngantuk dahh, assignment dcn x siap agi. haihhh.

owh yeah this post is specially dedicated to my beloved brothers, abg eddy and aman.
sorry i forgot to mention ur names in da credit part in the last post. i was about to thank u guys but i just want to have a special post itself just for you two. (cover line nampak baik punyerrrrrrrr).

Do you have brothers who willingly to pick you up at night all the way from kuala lumpur to tronoh? Eventhough after a long tiring day working at the office.
They were patient enuff to wait an hour at utp becoz of stupid utp management, surat perlepasan kuarantine pun took 1 hour.

so i want to thank YOU AND YOU, abg eddy and aman.
lepas nie ella blanja makan burger otai!

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