Monday, August 3, 2009

Pinglet Flu.

1 week of unexpected hols.
UTP had been closed down.
so what to blame? h1n1 or i more prefer to call it, pig flue cz it sounds more burden n omfg it makes people life sucks and difficult like the virus itself. Geram bler pikir balik, i know babi x bersalah pun, it is still God's creation. All things of do's n dont's dat been haram by Allah is proven true and has the consequences of doing it. Thank god we r not allowed of eating babi.
If nak comel sket, pinglet flue. eh tolongggggg la xnak nama tu jadi comel pun.

So, now im in town for the rest of da week. so i filled up my days with youtube-ing. Spying good music in youtube had done a pretty job in keeping me alive, not being dead yet becoz of the boredom. saya suka tgk zee avi, sedap telinga dengar dier nyanyiii; kantoi sngt entertaining.

They r many artist who imitate back other people's song, more likely in rock version.
Daughtry version of Poker Face, so much better than Gaga's version.
Womanizer by All American Reject. Not as catchy as britney, but yeah i like it! (tyler hot! nk ngorat u time world stage haha.)

Oh yeah forgot 2 mention, i went to lenka showcase on last Sunday. Just managed to stay for 2 songs, i miss the part when she sang the show. The only song i know from her kot, haha. i saw Alif Aziz too, =).

In spite of youtube-ing, there is one thing that keeps me alive.
Thank god people for creating a thing called keyboard.
My keyboard, if u r a person i would love u with all my heart and never ever cheat on you. haha

Im working on love story by taylor swift now. Im halfway-thru so insyallah i will manage to finish it up da whole song in 3 days time. p.s: saya cilok music sheet dr internet je, not like i create it by myself. I also learn from the youtube too.
duhhhhhhhhh, tlg la saya bkn jenis play by ear. saya pemain keyboard yg lemah. hahaa.
since my mom gave me a keyboard, my piano downstairs is very dusty.

Before i entered UTP. i never knew playin piano would be so cool. As i watched in tv, playin guitar is more cool n hip i guess. So i would ask myself why i did not learnt to play guitar when i was small or why my mom did not send me to guitar lesson instead of piano class.

kire when i entered eupho for da 1st time last sem can be consider as cool la juge kan? hehe.

I really want to go to world stage but haihhh i do not know yet if i can make it to sunway or not on dat day, haiyaa.