Saturday, July 4, 2009

I am the girl you never want to know.

I am not your ordinary girl. I am weird and sometimes I am scarred people off.

I speak too loud all of sudden. I even changed my voice to a very weird-cartoon sound and I do not realized until my friend told me so.

I tend to speak tunggang terbalik. Not even speaking, even chatting at ym.

I have a super low self esteem and I dun want to go out from da house just because for the sake sometimes I feel very ugly.

I wear braces when I was 12 years old but then I never wore my retainer after I opened my braces. I mean never. So, my teeth get ugly back. Now, I begged my mum to bring me to dentist for a 2nd braces.

I have this same plain long sleeve t-shirts I bought in New York which in 6 different colours.
Red, dark red, blue, purple, white, and black.

I like watching drama melayu at tv1 and I laughed my ass off even though the drama is not even a comedy. Yg zaman 90-an lagi bestt.

I hate replying sms. It takes few hours and sometimes a day to reply one sms. But I get mad when people not replying my msg. And I rare return people call.

I don’t cook, but I will insyallah.

When I talk and make jokes with my sister, nobody will ever understand. Only us two.

My evil brothers and sister teased me I am a boy so sometimes it is already stuck at my mind. To make them satisfied, I said “ye la, I’m a boy. Mummy mmg ada 5 anak laki punn”.

I think the perfect guy would have an incredibly witty sense of humour, like, very sarcastic. I love sarcasm and self-depreciating humor. I think whoever I end up with will have to have a great appreciation of music. He doesn’t have to be musician, just someone who loves music as much as I do.

so still want to be-friend with me? sila sila jemput and be ready of akwardness.

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