Tuesday, July 14, 2009

how to be rich.

A very wise person once said “ Money makes you wealthy. Friends make you rich.”

And take it from me, enriching relationships with friends, and being open to making new ones will bring you much more joy and satisfaction than a wallet full of cash.

I still remember that new branded handbag I begged my mum to buy for me last year.

Chances are it’s now sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe, because the thrill of having it wore off only about 1 month after I bought it.

But friends have the ability to keep changing and growing and supporting you.

Friends get better and better the longer you have them- do you material possessions do the same?”

I thank them for staying with me more than 7 years already, my childhood friends. Xde korang bole mati kot kebosanan. i love you guys.


you are the craziest person I ever know in my life. Who else is goin to burppp in front of my face and who else is going to eat tissues just because you are bored? My half-part of the silly wacky sense of humor comes from you babe.


you are the sweetest girl I ever know in my life. But you always have the wild side of you. Add it up with ur cute lil bit of blurr-ness persinality. You are the good listener and a loyal supporter of your friends happiness. A perfect shoulder to cry on.


you the the most creative person I ever know in my life. Your creativeness of ur imagination makes you unique, eh silap, a very extremely unique person. Jokes and laugh are the perfect match for you. Thanks for staying as my best friend eventhough we rarely meet.

I love u guys to bits, like no other.

i am having a really bad flu.

My eyes are red and my nose is running out of tissue already,

wipe out puh-leaseee.

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