Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We never know what we gonna get.

have you ever think how ur future will be like?
if only i have the super power like hiro nakamura in the heroes series, i will teleport over time and see myself in the next 10 years. however, it is quite scary to know how your own future will be like aite?
because every actions that you do now, you already know what the consenquences is.
so there is no more effort left to do since you already know everything bout da future.
life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get.
well, life should be dat way, full of suprises.

Now, i will be the 2nd year 1st sem student. i might have 3 years left in my degree. before i graduated, i should get at least one deanlist, finish up my intern in one of the top company in kl, perform one more time at euphonious and manage to plan my own roadtrip with my friends.
This is my short-term plan, which insyallah i could be achieved it in 2 years time.

After i graduated, i want to continue my studies. I really want to do ACCA to futher my studies. I know it might takes more time and money, but insyallah i very determined in it. tgk la dulu mcmana, abis kan degree dulu.
This is my long-term plan which is realistic and can be achieved.

life is a brief candle.
hehe still remember this phrase we learnt in our english literature wayback in form 3 if im not mistaken. okie again, life is a brief candle. who know when our time will come? do i have enough time to achieved my long-term plan or even my short-term plan? All is in God's hand. Semuanyer ketentuan illahi. i mean death, we never know when we are going to say goodbye to the world. unless u plan ur own suicide, then left a suicide note like kurt kobain. he commited suicide because there is nothing left in his life since everything has been achieved kan? i think so laaa by wacthing THS at E!.
so there is so many things i want to do before i'm dead. A LOT.
We never know when is our time just like what happened to Michael Jackson, it was shocking kan?
To MJ, You Are Not Alone.
At first it was so weird of me because i was so so sad about MJ is dead. I mean sedih yg kaw kaw nie tauuu. I guess he gave a big impact in our childhood life and you are a legend, man.
About his religion, either he is a muslim or not is still a big question kan? We wait n see.

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