Tuesday, June 23, 2009

boom boom pow.

oh heloooo peeps, im back babeyhhhhh!

i closed my blog for a while due to certain circumstances. i managed to pull off a big issue in this so-called-controversial blog, as if haha.
ive been thru the ups n down of life, riding a rollercoaster is a joyride for me.
consequently, i have no problem with people who r "sangat" open-minded about their feelings and talk about it in my blog. you are welcomed to do so, sila sila. im chill with it right? so bak mai datang.

i gained 3kg coz i eat and eat and eat like there is never tomorrow.
holiday sem-break has offer a good bfast, lunch, teabreak, dinner n supper! imagined i have more than 5 meals in a day?
an apple a day keeps the doctor away but how about 5 meals keep the doctor coming on the way?
unfortunately, i lost 4 kg back when i went back home from jakarta due to food-poisoning, shit oh shit! I was so weak till i have no energy left bcoz i vomitted non-stop ala yg mcm ella slalu kene tuuu. I tend to get used to it even the doctor said da same thing all over again. i already memerized the script, "perut nie kosong mcm tin kosong, kene makan"
ye doc, i will i will. but the doctor had said before this, my antibody is in low rate.

dear antibody,

can u please be nice to my body? i need to keep myself healthy.

the-frequent- fall-sick girl

yeahhhh, my room is fully-done after almost 2 months been renovated! so helloooo new wardrobe i like itttt my boom boom powww! finally i get to sleep on the real bed coz from the first day i went back from utp for my sem break, ive been sleeping merempat mcm homeless di rumah sendiri. tido atas toto kt depan tv for a months. sedih bler tgk diri sendiri tidooo but now, not anymoreeeee.
now, im sleep like a queennn.....with snoring haha.

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