Monday, April 13, 2009

three wonderful weeks at tronoh.

Waaaaaaa rindu rindu, homesick baby. I’m so missing my bed, mom’s cooking, my homies, big screen tv and of course the ones who complete me, my family. i want my mumyyyyyyyyyy! Not to say my life sucks at utp, so far I had one of the happiest moments here but still nothing can compare than the home sweet home. Some people are askin me what is so great goin back to home so often like you? What did u do back there? Then, it started makes me wonderin. Aah kan if I was at home, there were pretty much nothing I did. Dok melepak depan tv, melayan drama melayu, goin out to mall n mamaks with friends, shopping with my sister , makan makan n dup dap dup dap dah balik utp again. Heyyyyyyyyyyy pretty much nothing u said? That what we called quality time with the person u loved the most. Eventhough there are only 3 weeks I stayed at utp without goin back, dah kecoh satu utp kot I’ve successfully stayed at utp-wuhhuuuu!

To make thing more heat up, I went back early on the mid-sem break. Funny is it? Since I was always the last one to arrive at utp for mid-sem break, but uh uh kali ini ada kemajuan sket. Mostly, if the class starts on Monday morning. I arrived at utp late night on Sunday or in the Monday’s morning. Weeeeee cherish every single minute we had at home. But this time around, I had to go back early for the euphonious practice session since I was in the band kan?! Hahahahahahaha.
Some of my friend(fieza) made fun of it. ala gelak gelak, tahu la jeles kannn. teehe.

Yes. I am in the band. Stereopop, the bandname it is. Cool kan? I am the keyboardist. The newest member in the band and and and the cutest one, haha that one I made it up. It was my first time jamming! And it was so awesome and I pretty much like it. suke la jamming ngan korg pastu xde keje pegi menjelajah kg bali pukol 2 pagi! Seram wooooo, kat dh cuak ella pun! Haha thanks u guys for a great a time, thanks 4 memories dudeeeees and a girl. Eventhough we cannot make it to final, but we did our best! At least this time euphonious korg ada keyboardist baru kan? Haha. Xpe next musicfest I’ll be watching n supporting sterepop since I’ll not be in it.

thank youu again and i will be missing u guys.

kat=vocalist, zakwan=vocalist, apek=lead guitarist, akkay=rhythm guitarist, spawn=bass guitarist, reza=drummer and me=keyboardist.

Eventhough our band Stereopop cannot make it to the final, congrats for the other bands too! I like raptors n retrodelic, they deserved to be in the final but too bad no luck this eupho kot?
The lead guitarist in the raptors is awesome good too, =) . I sayang you b! =)
I had no pass to make it on stage on the euphonious final, but still I am the euphonious 09 committee this time around. I am in the welfare department, ceh welfare tuuuuuuuu.
So, I have a backstage pass, well pretty much la ella bkn nyer cnp department pun, they are the one who in charged. At least I had a chance to meet and snapped pic with sam bunkface! Waitt I was on stage! Ala not like I was the performer pun, just helping out for the prizing ceremony (which was messed up!). As far as I’m concerned, my fav band were not there on stage so I was just there watching but not supporting, I do want to vote but since I’m the committee I did not have the ticket to vote, so vote dlm hati jela. I do like morven, they did their best. Vote green!
Btw, congrats crash n burn for winning euphonious 09!

sam bunkface! u guys did an awesome performance!

welfare department of euphonious comitee 2009. keje dah settle beb!

my fav girlfriends, n mae too.


Adeera Azman said...

// Rep : P/S I Love You too. I Sayang You more B ;pp //

eceeh, Ella Lalala. You know you love me, Gossip Girl XOXO


jongangsamaAMOI said...

sape x jeles doe!!! ak men rekorder ckit pnye maha terbaikk.. xde band nk amek?? pas2 skandal2 melodi lak ttuhh.. blk nnti fahizahazwanali nk amboi3 ko.. ngahahahhahahahahha.