Wednesday, April 15, 2009

jika anda gembira, tepuk tangan!

I miss my lil persie pillow( it is a jersey pillow of my fav football player, van persie). I miss hugging and cuddling it whenever I sat on the backseat of my kuda merah car when someone else was driving the car. I miss my lil persie pillow since of course the only arsenal jersey I have, which apparently I cannot wear it haha. it is just a pillow la kan? I miss it badly.
However, it is good to know that someone is taking good care of my lil persie pillow. I bet lil persie has a brand new smell, dah jd bau bantal busuk org tuu. To who you know who you are, send my best hugs n kisses to lil persie n the one who keep it too.

Yes yes yes yes esok balik, it’s time to go homeee, FINALLY!
Bye bye utp (which only for three days, too bad cuti sembreak tros xleh ke?).
  • hugging mummy
  • gelak kuat mcm laki ngan emma(mmg laki pun haha!)
  • dgr aman kutuk psl ella main keyboard
  • late movie kat "ou cheras"= jusco cheras
  • tgk af with fam di malam sabtu
  • breakfast kedai red kebaya(jumpe mrs dulang)
  • shopping with my sis, emma then gelak gelak kutuk blakang mamy
  • pavvy, mid, ou, klcc sumer la mall yg ade kt kl!
  • carls jr, babeyhh!
  • lepaking mamak till "curfew" with fieza n illi
  • makan sedapppppp (tomyam mummy)
  • tido air-cond on my own bed
  • erina, erina, erina my baby budak kecik!
  • jumpe bibik eton, nasik lemak tau?

all of these, here I comeeeeeeeeee.

( (senyum sorg sorg sbb dok fikir esok nak balik kl haha!)


lynntermizi said...

hahaha gembira gembira sbb weekend dh smpy!!!

hepy holiday ella, even its just for three days, tp super duper happy dpt blik umah!:pp

Abir Abhar said...

slmt pulang
thee hehe

helmo said...

ella...sape laa dat lucky person yg dpt hug lil persie tu kannn....hehe balik utp cpat!!!